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Tips and tricks for social media

How to effectively market your trade fair participation on social media and benefit from the vast audience of FENSTERBAU FRONTALE for your marketing

Which platform?


Getting started


Market your trade fair participation systematically on social media and utilise the reach of FENSTERBAU FRONTALE for your company’s marketing. 

With a presence on social media, it is possible for you to easily keep a wide range of customers and potential prospects up to date on your activities, new products or your day-to-day activities.

At the same time, you offer your customers an additional and easy way to get in touch with you. Strengthen your brand and your customer contact this way!

We are happy to help and provide you with initial ideas, tips and tricks.

Which platform and which content?

Find out what you can expect and how we use which platforms.

  • LinkedIn

    Profile-based for networking in a business context, connecting with experts and customers furthermore helpful for recruiting staff


    On LinkedIn, you can read our English-language industry information and trade articles directly on the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE Page without having to leave the platform. In addition, we inform you not only about the most important announcements for the next FENSTERBAU FRONTALE in Nuremberg, but also about the international activities within the framework of FENSTERBAU World. We keep you up to date on our travels and report on industry events and partner events from all over the world.


    In our LinkedIn Event, the most important information for your trade fair participation is available to you at a glance. 

    Network with other attendees in advance of the event via the guest list and invite your business partners and contacts as well.


    We cordially invite all exhibitors to join our LinkedIn group (English & German language) for personal networking and dialogue with the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE team and other group members.

    We will also be happy to support you in your preparations for participation in the trade fair, answer frequently asked questions and keep you up to date on all important deadlines.


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  • Facebook

    Profile-based for networking mainly in a private context as well as contact via private chats


    Follow the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE Page with your company account or privately and get all the info about the fair, our exhibitors and partners. Depending on your personal settings, our posts will be displayed in German or English.


    Click on "Attend" in our Facebook event and don't miss any information about your journey and stay, news about the supporting program as well as useful tips for your participation in the event.


    Facebook Logo

  • Instagram

    Image- and video-based platform for a detailed presentation of the company as well as contact opportunities via private chats


    On our Instagram channelwe take you behind the scenes: Here you can take a look at the preparations for the world's leading trade fair, discover the range of products and services, our exhibitors and the trade program, and get to know our team members in interviews.


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Getting started

1. Based on your preferences or customer profile, you can select the most suitable platform(s) and create a company profile there.

2. Once you have set up your account, feel free to follow the official FENSTERBAU FRONTALE channels - that way you won't miss any news from us!

Check out our channels
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3. Share or retweet our content on your channel or write a comment.

4. Post regular news from your business and about your trade fair participation. We have compiled ideas for your posts below.

5. Whenever you post something about FENSTERBAU FRONTALE, make sure to tag our official page in your post! This will show us, when you communicate something about FENSTERBAU FRONTALE and react to it.

6. Please always use our official hashtag #fensterbaufrontale in your posts to be easily found by your (potential) customers and interested parties.

7. Use our our social media assets to draw attention to your trade fair participation (some of the assets can be personalised with your own company logo and stand number).

8. You are welcome to use our sample invitation letter and text modules for your social media posts.

9. Mention your company‘s social media accounts in your exhibitor entry in the exhibitors & products section on our website.

Ideas for your content

  • In the run-up to FENSTERBAU FRONTALE

    These posts are ideal for your first social media steps. Link partners, customers and us to gain reach. Show your presence by commenting and liking on others' posts and start building your network.

    • Save-the-Date-Post for FENSTERBAU FRONTALE
    • Name your stand and hall number
    • Introduce employees (text/video clip) who will be on site during the trade fair
    • Call for appointments
    • Announce what your customers can expect at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE (text, photos, videos, ...)
    • Post a video clip with personal invitation from the managing director/marketing manager/etc.
  • Shortly before the start of the trade fair

    Things are getting exciting! Let your followers feel this as well by posting photos and videos of the preparations.

    • Post behind-the-scenes content from your trade fair preparations (meetings, stand construction, preparation of documents, ...).
    • Post a behind the scenes content from the approach, during the setup, ...
  • During the trade fair
    • Post impressions during the trade fair runtime.
    • Invite visitors personally to your trade fair stand
    • Provide insights into products presented at your trade fair stand
    • Record material (photos, videos) for your own post-fair coverage
  • After the trade fair
    • Thank all visitors and point out that you can still be reached via your exhibitor/product entry on our website www.frontale.de
    • Post impressions and summaries from FENSTERBAU FRONTALE
    • Share statements from staff, clients, partners, …
  • Promote your exhibitor profile

    Your personalised exhibitor profile is online for at least a year after the trade fair and a good way for you to give a quick and good impression of your services for at least a year after the trade fair. Use your social media presence to draw attention to it.

    • Link your exhibitor profile in our exhibitors and products platform in your social media activities.
    • Promote your profile directly in your marketing.

We look forward to many exciting contributions and insights into your trade fair preparations!