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Shading and ventilation

FENSTERBAU FRONTALE offers trends and innovations as well as impulses around windows, doors and facades. Find everything about shading and ventilation here.

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Efficient shading is more important than ever in today's times, as it not only increases privacy and glare protection, but also energy efficiency. Good ventilation contributes to energy efficiency by creating an optimal indoor climate and reducing energy consumption. Thus, shading and ventilation are also closely linked via smart home to create - among other adjusting screws - an optimal indoor climate and enable less energy consumption. 

FENSTERBAU FRONTALE offers a comprehensive range of shading and ventilation technologies. Companies will be presenting their products and solutions for ventilation, shading and privacy protection as well as shading and privacy protection technology. 

The range of products and solutions on offer in the field of shading and ventilation covers a wide spectrum of products and solutions that help to create a pleasant climate in every room.

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