Three questions for… Patrik Weidenmann
3/30/2023 Interview

Three questions for… Patrik Weidenmann

A portrait of the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE team. This time: Patrik Weidenmann, international representative for Switzerland as well as project director in sales and visitor marketing.

Patrik Weidenmann Patrik Weidenmann, 55, is international representative of NürnbergMesse as well as project director in sales and visitor marketing. His motto in life and at work is: “Humour is laughing in spite of it all.”

“3 Questions – 3 Facts” goes international: We asked our colleagues from our subsidiaries and international representatives three questions. Get to know the people behind FENSTERBAU FRONTALE.

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?

To Boracay in the Philippines. It has been my dream island ever since working in a travel agency. The evening atmosphere there is incomparable! Always worth a trip!

What do you find the most exciting about trade fairs?

A trade fair is an extremely dynamic event that goes through many phases – from the announcement to the implementation – constantly growing until it finally takes place. You get to work with so many different people and have a wide variety of exciting tasks, where you experience a lot, and no two days are the same. That's what excites me about trade fairs!

What do you find particularly exciting about your work?

The most exciting part is always visiting the trade fair and our exhibitors, as well as the exchange with colleagues. That's where I feel in my element. I also really enjoy sales planning, acquisition, visitor marketing and follow-up work. What I particularly appreciate is that I get to be in in touch with so many different industries due to the diversification of the 18 trade shows we are representing.


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