Three questions put to … Rebecca Löw
10/19/2022 Interview

Three questions put to … Rebecca Löw

Rebecca Löw, 23, is responsible at NürnbergMesse for organising the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE programme, among other things. Her motto is: A day without a smile is a lost day.

Picture Rebecca Löw The FENSTERBAU FRONTALE Team in the spotlight. This time it’s the turn of Rebecca Löw. read on

What moment during the trade fair would you hate to miss?

The moment on the first day of the fair when our doors open and the crowds of visitors stream into the entrances. I always find this moment very exciting because you realise: Now the show really starts!

Away from the hustle and bustle of the trade fair: What are your favorite tasks before and after FENSTERBAU FRONTALE?

I don't really have a favourite task. I like the variety, that there are always new phases within the two-year cycle. There are sometimes more and sometimes less stressful phases, but no two days are exactly the same. I also enjoy being in contact with so many people from all over the world and meeting new people all the time.

What do you like to do best during your breaks?

When I'm in the office, I like to spend my breaks with my colleagues. It's always nice to have lunch with colleagues you haven't seen for a while, or just to meet spontaneously at the coffee machine.

At the home office, I usually just have lunch and sometimes go for a walk if the weather is good.


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