Three questions put to … Nicole Neuendorf
9/18/2018 Interview

Three questions put to … Nicole Neuendorf

Nicole Neuendorf has been part of the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE Team since 2008. She is the main contact for exhibitors wanting to take part in the German pavilions at FENSTERBAU World events. She also provides support to the team for special sales and marketing campaigns.

Picture Nicole Neuendorf The FENSTERBAU FRONTALE Team in the spotlight. This time it’s the turn of Nicole Neuendorf.

What moment during the trade fair would you hate to miss?

It's always great to see the amount of anticipation, enthusiasm, excitement and expectancy that our exhibitors have at the start of FENSTERBAU FRONTALE (and that goes for us too of course!). For two years we have all been planning, developing and elaborating a solid concept to put together a fantastic trade fair. When on the last evening of the fair, everyone is grinning contentedly, rocking from left to right on their tired feet and looking forward to an after-work drink and home sweet home after four action-packed days, then I always think how wonderful the whole experience has been yet again. Or as we locals say: “Ach, schee war’s wieder!”

What's the most exciting thing about your work for you?

As part of FENSTERBAU World, we also offer our German exhibitors the opportunity to participate in the subsidised German pavilions. There are opportunities this year, for example, at Windows, Doors and Facades in Dubai, FENESTRATION BAU China in Beijing and ZAK Doors & Windows in Mumbai. I’m responsible for the sales and marketing of these projects and am also on site at the pavilions to provide support to the exhibitors. With the group participation there’s always a real “family atmosphere” and I really enjoy discovering new markets along with the exhibitors. Apart from the business side as such, I am also there to lend someone a charger for their mobile phone, recommend restaurants for after-hours dining or help with a host of other things. Anyone who hasn't yet been on one of these trips with us is welcome to contact me! I look forward to talking with you about the various options available.

Contact Nicole Neuendorf
+49 911 8606 8677

What do you do on the last evening of the trade fair?

Probably the same as many of my colleagues: work mode off, family time on! My two children always want to tell me about what's been happening to them during the week when they haven’t seen me very often, and after a lot of inspiring conversations with a wide range of people from all over the world it's really great to sit down (with the emphasis on sitting!) and “just” listen with a nice cup of tea in my hand!


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