Three questions put to ... Elke Harreiß
9/10/2017 Interview

Three questions put to ... Elke Harreiß

The moment everyone is waiting for: The hall doors to FENSTERBAU FRONTALE are about to open. Elke Harreiß savours the moment.

A man and a woman stand in the NürnbergMesse, among them many visitors The FENSTERBAU FRONTALE Team in the spotlight. This time it’s the turn of Exhibition Director Elke Harreiß.

What moment during the trade fair would you hate to miss?

There are actually two: One is the final set-up day and the other is the opening of the fair.

Even after 17 years in the trade fair business I am still fascinated every time by all the hustle and bustle in the halls on the last set-up day. There’s hammering and drilling going on, display cases are being filled and staff are getting their instructions at the exhibition stands. When you walk through the halls it’s hard to imagine that the trade fair will begin just 24 hours later. But then everything is spick and span and organised and the exhibitors are ready to receive their visitors.

The second special moment is the start of the trade fair as more and more visitors come streaming through the entrance. Then the hall doors open and the event that we have been working towards for two years gets under way.

Away from all the hurly-burly of the trade show, what are your favourite things to do before and after FENSTERBAU FRONTALE?

After the fair I have more time again for my two sons, who have hardly seen me in the week before and during the entire event. I also get to spend some time on my hobby again, which is sewing. I like to make dresses, trousers, jackets and costumes for Carnival.

What is the most exciting thing for you about FENSTERBAU FRONTALE?

To be honest, before I was in charge of the trade fair, for me windows and doors were something that fills in the gaps in the outside wall of a building. But since I have been so heavily involved with the topic and the industry, I find it fascinating how much technology they contain and how many different types there are all over the world. This is reflected every two years in the new products that are showcased at the fair.

This year I am especially interested in how our new FENSTERBAU FRONTALE Forum will go down with visitors. For the first time there will be a presentation area for various industry topics right at the heart of the action in Hall 3A. I am already looking forward to the fair opening its doors in seven months’ time and am curious about what the exhibitors will have in store for us again.

Elke Harreiss, 43

Head of Department and Exhibition Director, FENSTERBAU FRONTALE

Motto: “The greatest reward for our efforts is not what we receive for them but what we become as a result.”


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