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Everybody Can Have Light

Daylight – it’s something so ordinary, that many people do not pay much attention to it. Nevertheless, a sufficient supply of natural light is much more important than one might think at first. According to current research, light increases our productivity, improves our bodies’ defences, positively changes our fluid balance and regulates our metabolism. Additionally, it suppresses the production of melatonin, a sleep hormone. Light is therefore essential for our rhythm of day and night and for example helps to wake up more quickly in the morning.

Natural light has to be differentiated from artificial light. Natural light has the full colour spectrum and is dynamic, thus, its intensity and colour temperature adapt to the time of day. The amount of ultraviolet and infrared radiation in natural light is small, as the majority of it is blocked by the Earth’s atmosphere. Artificial light, in contrast to that, is generated by artificial sources and usually contains ultraviolet and infrared radiation as well. Customary LED lamps are an exception, as their light does not contain any radiation. Synthetic light can replace natural light on no account. Even the most natural LED lighting is no permanently healthy alternative to the necessary supply of daylight.

In the face of the important role that daylight plays for a healthy lifestyle, a sufficient incidence of light, guaranteed by accordingly large window areas, should always be considered when planning a room. Whether in the office or in the private bedroom – daylight communicates information about the time of day and the weather and therefore creates a direct relation to the outside world even within closed rooms. Because of the biological impact on humans, a biological lighting design, within which the health of the residents has priority, should be created in case of new construction or modification measures. A generous incidence of light within buildings additionally has energetic advantages: where the sun warms up the room, one does not have to heat or illuminate artificially. Especially during summer, it can of course also come to a surplus of heat. More or less complex shading solutions, from blinds to solar control glass can help here.

In order to communicate the topic of daylight to an audience that is as big as possible, the Bundesverband Flachglas – the Federal Flat Glass Association – launched a corresponding campaign in 2017. The target group is broadly defined, not only representatives from the industry should feel involved. On the website of the Initiative Tageslicht - the Initiative Daylight - as well as on Facebook and Instagram one can inform oneself profoundly about the properties of natural light and their efficient use. Among the partners of the campaign are Velux Deutschland, Saint-Gobain Glass Deutschland and Glas Trösch.

At FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2020, Bundesverband Flachglas e.V. will host a lecture block on daylight use.

Daylight as an important resource