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Portrait: Bundesverband Flachglas (BF)

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The Federal Union of Flat Glass (Bundesverband Flachglas – BF) represents the interests of its members in the flat glass industry. In 2020, the flat glass industry sold products for the construction sector with a value of approximately 2.7 billion Euros on the German market; it has about 27,000 employees across Germany in that sector.

BF members

The BF has more than 80 companies as members with over 180 production facilities and in addition to those companies 60 supporting members. The members of the BF are manufacturers and finishers of glass products for building applications:

  • Float glass manufacturer
  • Glass coaters
  • Manufacturer of thermally toughened safety glass and laminated safety glass
  • Manufacturer of insulating glass units


The services of the Federal Union with its headquarter located in Troisdorf are built on three pillars:

Standardization and technology: Definition of technical standards to ensure product quality – which represents a decisive quality label in the industry.

The BF working groups develop definitions of technical standards, as well as guidelines, for example on handling multi-pane insulating glass or on the use of triple thermal insulation glass. The BF initiates research projects, for example on the topics of sustainability, heat protection in summer, emissions behavior or the energy balance. Technical product training is also offered.

Political representation of interests: Represents the interests of its members on a political level.

For example in the field of energy policy: The BF supports taking solar gains and thermal insulation into account with regard to the GEG Building Energy Act (Gebäudeenergiegesetz GEG). For the GEG, the BF is working with renowned scientists to develop models for the use of free solar energy and the generation of daylight through glass and windows. The energetic building renovation with glass and windows is among other things promoted with the BDI Initiative energy-efficient Buildings (BDI-Initiative Energieeffiziente Gebäude: Allianz für Gebäude-Energieeffizienz, geea). Together with the Associations of the window and sun protection Industry VFF and IVRSA (Verbänden der Fenster- und der Sonnenschutzbranche VFF und IVRSA), the BF operates the Transparent Building Envelope Representation (Repräsentanz Transparente Gebäudehülle) in Berlin. It acts inter alia as the central counterpart of the relevant federal ministries for these issues.

PR work and marketing: Performs important image work for the flat glass industry.

The BF informs end consumers and the trade press about news, products and services. The Federal Union provides industry-relevant information in press releases, brochures, a monthly newsletter for association members and via social media channels. In addition to that, the BF offers information for energy consultants on the topics of glass and windows.


Particularly noteworthy is the large industry network: The BF has important industry contacts and establishes new business friendships: for example through events such as the Glass Congress, various symposia or workshops.

Gütegemeinschaft Flachglas (GGF)

The Quality Association GGF (Gütegemeinschaft Flachglas), which is associated with the BF, awards qualified member companies with the RAL quality label for insulating glass units (IGU) as well as the RAL quality label for thermally toughened safety glass with heat-soak test (TSG-HF).

Image work for the industry: Daylight initiative

The Daylight Initiative provides important information on the subject of daylight and its positive effects on people's wellbeing and health. The BF campaign communicates the advantages of the use of daylight with the help of glass for end consumers. The website and its Social Media Profiles provides charming platforms for important data and facts on the subject of daylight.

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