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The countryside is only a few steps away when you leave the exhibition centre. The Dutzendteich Lake, a popular local recreation area among the people of Nuremberg, is right next to the NürnbergMesse site. People meet here for paddle boating or inline skating, taking a stroll around the lake or relaxing in the beer garden – always with a view of the Colosseum and other legacies of the former National Socialist Party Rally Grounds.

Art, culture and festivals, medieval architecture and other impressive traces of 1,000 years of history make your stay in Nuremberg an unforgettable experience.

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Photos: Wandern/ hiking © FrankenTourismus/FRS/Hub, Bierkeller/ beer cellar © FrankenTourismus/FRS/Hub

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The NÜRNBERG CARD + FÜRTH gives you free admission to all places of interest and museums and free travel by local public transport for two days.

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